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Setting up attribute search handling in IBS Enterprise

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Attribute templates, together with the template fields, are ideally designed to categorize your items and business partners by attributes, facilitating an easy, quick search. The following lists a typical set-up of Attribute Search Handling. Instructions are the same for Item and Business partner Attribute Templates, but the files to access are outlined. See the Panel help for each program/panel for more detailed instructions and About attribute search handling in IBS Enterprise for an overview.

Sequence Table/File To do
Create template headers Work with item attribute templates

Work with BP attribute templates
Up to nine templates can be created. Create those required, assigning the code, description and the default sequence.

The default sequence number controls the default loading of the template (and consequently the associated search fields) when the user accesses Attribute search mode. It will also allow you to utilize the Sequential add function key when connecting your attribute templates and subsequently defining the fields values in the Item/Business partner file.
Create the template fields for the attribute template Work with item attribute templates

Work with BP attribute templates

Note: Select the applicable attribute template to access the Template fields panel
Per template, up to 10 user-defined template fields can be created. Add the template fields and define the following per field:
  • Sequence: The order in which this field will appear when the template is loaded or accessed.
  • Lead text (label) that will appear when you assign a value for the field in the Item file/Business partner, Attribute search panel and when the user accesses the More selections panel to make a selection.
  • Column heading for the template field. This heading will appear above the actual input field when the template is loaded or accessed in Attribute search mode.
  • The type of data entry allowed in the template field (alpha-numeric or numeric specified in field Data type). Validations of data entry can be controlled by the following:
    • Item/BP attribute validation table: This is applicable for template fields where data type = alpha-numeric. You enter the values that are valid for entry in the Item/BP validation table. This can be accessed the function key on this panel or via a separate menu item. You group the values per unique table code.
    • Range of values: This is applicable for template fields where data type = numeric.
  • The decimal positions for numeric fields (i.e. the number of digits to the right of the decimal to enter or display).
  • Value range for numeric fields. Indicate a starting and ending range for entry of the field.
  • Validation table code holding the valid values against which you want to validate data entry.
Connect the item/BP attribute template(s) to the item/business partner Work with items
panel Search attributes

Work with Business partners
panel Search attributes

Tip: Create an Item/Business partner template that only contains that panel to expedite the process.
Add the attribute templates required, one by one or click the Sequential add function key for those templates with a defined default sequence number.

The labels for the template fields held in the Attribute template will be displayed. Define the search criteria by entering the values for each field. The entry rules for each value entered is controlled by the associated template field attributes. Range or validation table entries, if entered, will be used to validate the entered values.

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