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Default values for characteristics in Item Classification

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Default values allow you to save time by assigning, in advance, some values for characteristics you know will always be the same for all items.

Default values will be loaded into the Values fields when you are in the process of applying the Item classification definition in the Item file to create the item.

Default values are entered for characteristics in the Work with item classification profiles file (on Characteristic level) for the characteristics attached to profile 1 and 2.

When defining default values you have the following options:

  1. Prompt the selection window to select from a list. The values displayed in the list are those that exist at Detail level in the Work with characteristics file for the selected characteristic,

  2. Enter one manually. The default value you enter does not necessarily have to already exist as a characteristic value at Characteristic detail level. If the characteristic is set up with the Validate flag set to NO, you can enter any default value. This new value will be back-updated in the Work with characteristics, Details panel.

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