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About processing requests and returns

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You register all of your customer's complaints, requests or returns in one central application, namely IBS Requests and Returns.

The following must be set up in your system. (See Setting up IBS Requests and Returns).

  • Request code table
  • Resolution code table
  • Actions table
  • You must have user authorisation to add, change and modify BPR's. Max support level in Work with IBS user profiles must be set to 9. The Signature defined in the Handler field is used for handler in the Requests and Returns program.
  • In order to take full advantage of the alert messaging features available in the program, the IBS Alert Management (AMT) application should also be installed and activated in Work with companies.

Request status codes
All statuses used by the Requests and Returns application are user definable. Although some values have already been entered (during system installation) you may add your own status codes to this list.

The following status codes come pre-installed with your system:

Status code Description
COM Completed
DEL Deleted
HLD Held
INS Inspection
MAN Management involved
NEW New request
NSC NetStore - creation pending
NSN NetStore - New
SUP Supervisory involvement
WIP Work in progress

Note: It is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of processing normal sales and purchase orders within IBS Distribution. See About sales order entry and About purchase order entry for that information.

Enquiries and printouts

  • Actions enquiry
  • Request and returns enquiry
  • History event codes enquiry
  • Request codes enquiry
  • Resolution codes enquiry
  • Request status codes enquiry
  • Action table printout
  • Request codes printout
  • Request status printout
  • Resolution codes printout

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