IBS Enterprise Help Centre 8.0Business Suite 2014/2015

Register a customer complaint

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  1. Select the Work with requests and returns menu item.
  2. On the initial panel, click Add.
  3. You access the Work with requests and returns detail panel. To register a complaint, complete the following fields:
  4. Business partner
    Enter the customer code.
    Customer return date
    If goods are being returned then enter today's date.
    Goods return
    If goods are being returned then enter the appropriate code otherwise do not enter a value in this field.
    Type of reference
    Enter a code for the type of reference that triggered the request. Permitted values are as follows:
    Code Description
    1 Sales order
    2 Service order
    3 Pick list
    4 Pick consolidation number
    5 Transport note
    6 Invoice
    7 Package number
    8 Purchase order
    9 Manufacturing order
    Reference number
    Enter the number that the complaint is referring to, for example the sales order number.
    Ext request code
    Enter the external request code for complaints.
    This field is either blank or predefined with the default handler depending on the definition set in Auto assign handler in the Requests and Returns control file, but can be changed. If the field is blank, then enter your employee ID.

    Click Text.

  5. You access Work with request and return texts where you define the nature of the problem that is being reported. Click Add.
  6. You access the Select type texts window.
  7. Request text
    Tick the Ext box to indicate that the text is describing an external problem (i.e. that the problem is not an internal company matter).

    Click OK.

  8. You access Edit text, Req and ret header Ext request. Enter the complaint, e.g., Goods were delivered to the invoice address and not the delivery address. Click OK twice and exit the routine.
  9. The customer complaint has now been registered. An alert message will be sent to the employee responsible for complaint processing if alert messaging is activated for the program.

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