IBS Enterprise Help Centre 8.0Business Suite 2014/2015

Follow up a customer complaint

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Once the complaint has been registered, you can always follow up on it to either: view the information that was entered or to add more information to it. Also, the employee responsible for ensuring that all complaints have been addressed must also close them once they have been resolved. The following steps detail how to do this.

  1. Select the Work with requests and returns menu item.
  2. On the initial panel, click More selections.
  3. You access Work with requests and returns, More selections where you can perform an advanced search through all the requests.
  4. Ext request code
    Enter 1 in the first field. In the second field enter the request code used for registering customer complaints.

    Click OK.

  5. You return to the initial panel with only the applicable complaints listed. Select the complaint that you wish to work with and click Change.
  6. You access the Work with requests and returns detail panel. Click Text.
  7. You access Work with request and returns, texts where can add text describing how the problem was resolved. Click Request. Click Resolution and then click Add.
  8. You access the Select type texts window.
  9. Resolution text
    Tick the Ext column to indicate that the text is describing an external problem (i.e. that the problem is not an internal company matter).

    Click OK then click Add.

  10. You access Edit text, Req and ret header Ext request. Enter the resolution, e.g., A new delivery address has been entered for this customer. It has also been set as their default delivery address. Click OK twice then Back to return to the initial panel.
  11. On the initial panel you now close the request. Select the complaint and click Completed then OK. The complaint is removed from the panel.
  12. Tip: To see all requests listed on the panel you must click More selections and then Clear to remove all search criteria. Click OK. You will return you to the initial panel where all the requests are displayed.

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