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Enter customer returns

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The steps below detail how to enter a return goods transaction. Follow these instructions whenever a customer returns goods to your company.

  1. Select the Work with requests and returns menu item.
  2. On the initial panel, click Add.
  3. On the Work with requests and returns detail panel, complete the following fields:
  4. Business partner
    Enter the customer code.
    Customer return date
    If the goods were returned on a different day then enter the date.
    Goods return
    Enter the appropriate value. For this task enter 5. The following values come preloaded in your system:
    Code Description
    1 Not known
    2 Complaint
    3 Goods are to be returned
    4 Goods are to be collected
    5 Goods have been returned
    Type of reference
    Enter 1 for Sales order.
    Note: Permitted values are as follows:
    Code Description
    1 Sales order
    2 Service order
    3 Pick list
    4 Pick consolidation number
    5 Transport note
    6 Invoice
    7 Package number
    8 Purchase order
    9 Manufacturing order
    Reference number
    Enter the reference number that the returned goods pertain to.
    Ext request code
    Enter the request code for returns. This task uses a request code that is connected to a resolution that automatically creates a replacement sales order.
    This field is either blank or predefined with the default handler depending on the definition set in Auto assign handler in the Requests and Returns control file, but can be changed. If the field is blank, then enter your employee ID.

    Connect an order line to the complaint
    Once the references (be they sales, service, or manufacturing orders, transport, pick list numbers, etc.) have been entered you must then specify the goods that are being returned and the quantity. This is done by selecting the order lines that are being returned.

    Click Select lines.

  5. You access Work with requests and returns, Select order lines where the reference number that you entered on the previous panel is displayed.
  6. Tip: If you wish to add sales order lines from a different sales order click More selections, add the sales order number and click OK. The system will search for that sales order and it will bring it up on the Select order lines panel.

    Select the sales order number and click Select.

  7. You access Work with requests and returns, Confirm creation of lines, listing sales order lines along with the quantity of goods that were sold to the customer. Complete the following field:
  8. Quantity
    Enter the number of goods that are being returned.

    Click OK.

    Recalled goods
    Whenever an item with a batch number is returned the system searches through all recall information to see if it is subject to a batch recall. For more information see About item recalls and Enter recalled goods.

  9. You return to Work with requests and returns, Line detail. Click OK twice.
  10. You access Work with requests and returns, Lines.
  11. Note: If you are prompted with an NCC window you must enter quality control information specifying whether the goods can be returned to stock or if they should be tagged with non-conformity certificates. See Enter customer returns with QC entry for details. This will happen if an action of type QC at line entry exists for the line, and goods are returned.

    Exit the routine.

    Once your request has been entered and defined as a return it must be processed in order to execute all of the actions that are associated with it. This step is what causes all of the actions to be triggered, i.e. it will create a sales order for the replacement goods, or credit the goods etc. To process this request follow the instructions detailed in Process the request and/or return.

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