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Enter customer returns with QC entry

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In addition to a straightforward return of goods the system can also be set up to allow for the goods to be inspected immediately by an employee of your company during the return process. This step is useful in determining if the goods can be returned to stock (to be resold afterwards), or, if they should be placed in the NCC location in your warehouse to await for either its destruction or return to supplier. For more information see the Panel help for the Work with item disposal suggestions program.

The following criteria have to be met in order for the system to prompt the NCC functionality.

  • Request code needs to be connected to a resolution code with QCLE
  • Resolution code has to hold the action (QCLE)
  • Goods return has to contain the value 4 (i.e. goods returned)
  • Returned good has to be a quality controlled item
  • Returned good has to belong to an item conformity group
  • Item conformity group, in turn, has to have criteria associated to it.
  1. Repeat steps 1-7 of Enter customer returns.
  2. You access Conformity criteria reporting - Non-Conformity certificate. Complete the following field:
  3. Quantity
    Enter the number of goods that have failed the quality control tests and cannot be returned to stock.

    Click OK.

  4. You access Non-Conformity certificate entry. Review the information that is displayed in the Returned quantity field and the Quantity on NCC. If the values need to be changed click Back. If the information is correct then click Confirm to continue.

    Click OK. Exit the routine.

    There are some cases where the request needs to be further processed. Follow the instructions detailed in Process the request and/or return.

Related topics