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Enter recalled goods

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  1. Repeat steps 1-6 of Enter customer returns.
  2. You access the Work with requests and returns, Line detail panel.
  3. A warning message is displayed at the bottom of the panel indicating that the combination item and batch number is subject to a batch recall.

    The following information has been added to your panel.

    Batch recall number
    Displays the batch recall number.
    Batch recall loc
    Displays a code from the Warehouse zone table indicating the location where the recalled goods must be stored. Note: This field/section is only displayed if IBS Warehouse Management is installed and activated in Work with companies.

    Click OK. (Note: If the request is complete, select the request on the initial Work with requests and returns, Lines panel and click Completed to close it). Exit the routine.

    The following will occur.

    • The system will retrieve all the information necessary (from the batch recall header) for creating non-conformity certificates (NCC).
    • In your warehouse NCC's will be automatically printed. These will indicate where (in the NCC location) to stock the recalled items.
    • Recalled stock will be identified, tagged with NCC's and transferred to your NCC location.
    • Return lines for the batch recall are also created at the same time.
    • Inventory movements (from the customer returns location) will be created to transfer the goods to NCC stock.
    • All goods residing in the NCC stock can be later returned to the supplier using the Supplier return suggestion or disposed of according to your company's regulations.

    For more information see About item recalls.

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