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About working with resource allocation

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The following describes how you allocate a resource to your handler to be used during the process of R/F batches.

Resource locations

Resource locations are different resources used in a warehouse for goods movements. Pick carts or forklifts are typical examples of resources. During the processing of pick and put instructions, the goods are moved from the pick location to the resource location and then from the resource location to the staging location.

Resource groups

The resource locations can be grouped into resource groups in Work with resource groups. You can, e.g., group all resource locations that are used for picking or replenishment. A resource group can, e.g., be a high bay truck used for pallet movements, or a pick truck for lower level picking.

Batches that are connected to a resource group can only be viewed and selected if the resource you have allocated to your handler belongs to that group. Any resource location within the group can be used to process the batch.


  • Resource allocation table enquiry - lists all available handler/resource combinations as well as the zone restrictions for handlers and resources. One handler can be combined with several resources and vice versa, but only one combination can be allocated at a time.
  • Resource group enquiry
  • Staging location enquiry

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