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About IBS Alert Management messages

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The following describes how to configure the system to send/receive alert messages and the functions available through the Work with messages panel. This panel contains messages that are sent to both individual and groups of users based on the parameters, limitations and filters that have been configured. These criteria are configured by a System Administrator and may not be altered by individual users.

IBS Alert Management searches for what are referred to as "events" in the system. For example, if you are employed in the Accounts Receivable department and are responsible for ensuring that customers with overdue amounts payable are contacted, then the system may be configured in such a way as to search for past due dates, customer numbers, amounts that exceed a certain figure and so on. Once these parameters have all been met, the system will then search for a "sender" and a "receiver" and a message would then be forwarded. The receiver would be your user ID in this case and a message will appear in your in-box.

In many cases actions should be taken upon messages, such as changing the due date on an amount payable. In other cases, the messages are merely informative and no further action can be taken via the functions in Work with messages. In the second instance, however, there will always still be an action proposal, suggesting what you should do next.

Note: Restrictions can be defined in Work with authority groups that prevent users from handling messages.

The following security levels can be set up:

Level Authority group Restriction
1 FUNCTION The More selections function key is not available for the user.
2 RECEIVER The Receiver selection field is not available for the user on the More selections panel.
3 STATUS The Status selection field is not available for the user on the More selections panel.


  • Alert message enquiry

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