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About IBS Analyser

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IBS Analyser is an advanced analysis tool for analysis of logistics, sales and financial data. It is an object-oriented application in the IBS Enterprise portfolio and includes superior access to information in the IBS Enterprise database. With its seamless integration to IBS Enterprise modules, you can monitor those all-important areas of sales performance, stock turnover, customer balances, generated profit, etc.

IBS Analyser is a precision tool for on-line enquiry and analysis. Using IBS Analyser, you can access and combine on-line data from any of the IBS Enterprise modules to view information on screen. You can export data to a supported spreadsheet program, or convert data to HTML format and email the result to the applicable recipient. The product runs on all window versions, starting with 95. As an enhanced way of viewing numerical tables, IBS Business Graphics have been integrated into IBS Analyser. Table values can automatically be turned into graphs and charts for faster and easier interpretation of figures.

IBS Analyser is equipped with full Multimedia functionality, enabling the user to use images, sounds, movies and text in order to enhance the working environment.

Related topics